• 'wooden_lining_workplace' project: Proposal designs for the headquarters offices of G.E.R.S. , an electrical navy tech company in Pireus, Athens. Study - construction (2018)

The idea of the proposal was to design office’s units along the site and gathering them with the reception area and auxiliary spaces through a common hallway. In order to arrange that was suggested to construct glass paneling sandblasted to maximize the natural lighting of the offices but also to keep their privacy.

The manager’s office is designed in such a way that it is possible not only to operate as an independent space but it can also be integrated into the meeting room through sliding glass shutters. Another important element of the proposal was the wooden lining furniture for reception area meeting room and offices by using slabs of natural oak in triangular form arranged vertically.

Especially in wc areas but also for the support of single shelves in offices, the wooden lining panels are painted in light gray (wc) or blue color (manager’s office) depending on the perimeter walls of each space. Finally, part of the side wall of reception area has been extended to accommodate auxiliary spaces such as server, wardrobe, wc, kitchen and storage. All this section of auxiliary spaces is painted in warm red color and can be easily accessed through the hallway.

1. entrance view
2. reception desk view
3. manager\'s office
3. manager's office
4. meeting room
5.meeting room
6. plan view
hallway section view
view_001 meeting room
sketch_01 reception desk
sketch_02 wood paneling
sketch_03 office\'s desks
sketch_03 office's desks
1. reception area-photo01